Energy Savings Lanka International

Save an average of 40% on air conditioning bills

Eliminate dripping

More stable room temperature.

What is ORS®?

The internationally patented Optimised Refrigerant Supply (ORS®) encompasses two key processes:

Since the compressor consumes about 95% of all the energy used by an air-conditioner, ORS®’s minimization of its running-time delivers world beating energy savings at an average 40% worldwide.

How long does it take to install?

Retrofitting takes about one hour to complete and there are zero maintenance requirements.

Which types of air conditioners can use our technology?

Our experienced technical team can retro fit the technology to existing air-conditioners of any size and any kind in which the refrigerant is used to cool the air directly.

Even inverter based (VRV and VRF) air-condtioners are enjoying an average 40% savings !

About us

Energy Savings Lanka International Pvt Ltd was established in 2014 to bring new patented technology and new thinking to the energy savings business in Sri Lanka.

We are the exclusive distributor of a new, internationally patented technology that saves an average of 40% on air conditioning costs. This technology is already in place with over 5,000 sites globally, including hotels, shops, restaurants, Data centers, banks, schools, factories and private residencies.

We are so confident that you will achieve better savings, that we offer you a ‘no quibble’ money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

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